Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. The eraser disappears before the pencil
  2. Love is the cornerstone, the foundation
  3. Fear either makes you strive to accomplish things or stops you
  4. Everyone is ignorant, only different subjects ( Will Rodgers)
  5. If you dare to fail miserably, you can achieve greatly
  6. Wealth is a state of mind
  7. Your achievements live longer than you



Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. Don’t hide when you fail
  2. Never give up on anybody
  3. Get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation
  4. Love is a great beautifier
  5. There was never a good war or bad peace ( Benjamin Franklin)
  6. Do not speak ill of yourself; others will do it for you
  7. Energy creates energy

Daily Dose of Motivation




  1. Living successfully meanings pursing your goals
  2. Life is shorter than we think
  3. Not all paths are clear
  4. A deep person believes in miracles
  5. Keep in perspective the value of money
  6. Learning refines and elevates the mind
  7. Keep company with those who may make you better