Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. There are tricks to every trade
  2. Resolve to live each day by the Golden Rule
  3. You can guilt yourself into a miserable life
  4. To live a full life, you cannot live it half dead
  5. Honor what is honorable
  6. Faith is working in the dark
  7. Greatness is only achieved with the help of passion




Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. The eraser disappears before the pencil
  2. Love is the cornerstone, the foundation
  3. Fear either makes you strive to accomplish things or stops you
  4. Everyone is ignorant, only different subjects ( Will Rodgers)
  5. If you dare to fail miserably, you can achieve greatly
  6. Wealth is a state of mind
  7. Your achievements live longer than you


Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. Don’t hide when you fail
  2. Never give up on anybody
  3. Get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation
  4. Love is a great beautifier
  5. There was never a good war or bad peace ( Benjamin Franklin)
  6. Do not speak ill of yourself; others will do it for you
  7. Energy creates energy