Daily Dose of Motivation



  1. Make the best and wisest use of your time
  2. Simplify your life to achieve balance
  3. Success has a lot to do with attitude
  4. You can learn something from anyone
  5. There is always room for discovery
  6. A busy mind breeds no evil
  7. Making love has a learning curve


Daily Dose of Motivation

1.  Take the bull by the horns 
2.  Doing is better than saying
3.  Envy accomplishes nothing
4.  Believe and conquer
5. Whining does not solve problems
6. They key to communication is precise definition
7. You have enough 

Daily Dose of Motivation



  1. Nothing can prepare you for love
  2. Expend your energy for excellence
  3. Every person is unique
  4. Create your own world
  5. Life is tough, but you can be tougher
  6. The earth was here before mankind
  7. Life is a big canvas, so throw all the paint you can on it


Words have the last laugh over emojis on Facebook

Mark L. Grainger

As someone who is busy trying to forge a career using nothing but words, it’s somewhat inevitable that I’ve tried my best to resist the rise of Emojis.

Unfortunately I’m old enough to remember creating my own emoticons with nothing but a colon, a hyphen and a parenthesis on an indestructible old Nokia handset, so the thought of a series of detailed illustrations for just about every mood or occurrence you can imagine was always going to blow my mind a little, digital native Millennial or not.

Rather than be excited by this brave new world of visual language however, I must confess that I’ve largely stayed away from the emoji board on my phone in the same way as I’ve steadfastly refused to sacrifice characters and use text speak. Sometimes I feel this puts me in the slightly odd position of being a (relatively) young person who can act typically…

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Daily Dose of Motivation

  1. Luck favors those who are prepared
  2. Successful leaders inspire other people
  3. Set a good example
  4. Greed creates waste
  5. The less you have, the more content you can be
  6. Self- confidence is the best confidence
  7. Prayer is a wish turned upward

Daily Dose of Motivation


  1. See yourself as successful
  2. Whine less, breathe more
  3. Only your mind can make things impossible
  4. Ideas never work unless you do
  5. Love can make everything look clearer 
  6. He who hates is lost
  7. The more we can enjoy ourselves and others, the more we can accomplish, help and create