Words have the last laugh over emojis on Facebook

Mark L. Grainger

As someone who is busy trying to forge a career using nothing but words, it’s somewhat inevitable that I’ve tried my best to resist the rise of Emojis.

Unfortunately I’m old enough to remember creating my own emoticons with nothing but a colon, a hyphen and a parenthesis on an indestructible old Nokia handset, so the thought of a series of detailed illustrations for just about every mood or occurrence you can imagine was always going to blow my mind a little, digital native Millennial or not.

Rather than be excited by this brave new world of visual language however, I must confess that I’ve largely stayed away from the emoji board on my phone in the same way as I’ve steadfastly refused to sacrifice characters and use text speak. Sometimes I feel this puts me in the slightly odd position of being a (relatively) young person who can act typically…

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